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January 20, 2015
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The Fatal Gift - Single

After the success of 2012 album Synthetica and accompanying world tour (not to mention a Juno win), Metric intended to take an extended break from writing and recording. The workhorse act hit the studio fairly quickly though, and got started on what will likely become their sixth full-length. To tide fans over until that comes, they’ve released a stand-alone track “The Fatal Gift” on Soundcloud. In a blog post, lead singer Emily Haines claims that the ballad is “unfinished”, but we think it sounds rather fleshed out – a far cry from the electro-pop the band usually puts out perhaps, but close in tone to Haines’ solo project from several years back, Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton.

In other Emily Haines news, the singer recently teamed up with toy company Goldiebox to voice the protagonist in their online cartoon series and released a tie-in solo track "Lightning Strikes", in an effort to spark young girls' interest in engineering.