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Release date: 
February 17, 2015
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, Folk
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The Forgettable Truth

Eloquent singer/songwriter Michael Feuerstack is highly regarded on the Canadian indie rock scene, via earlier work released under the Snailhouse moniker and in Wooden Stars and Bell Orchestre. The Forgettable Truth is the third release under his own name, and it is sure to boost his rep further. It was recorded at home and at elite Montreal studio Hotel2Tango, and guest players (including a violinist) and backing vocalists bring his material to vibrant life. It takes a few spins for the subtle strengths of these songs to fully insinuate themselves, but it is time very well spent. There is a nice dynamic range to the album, from nicely-orchestrated tunes like "Mother Tongue", "Clackity Clack" and "Monrovia" to the irresistible "The Devil", a tune worthy of wide airplay.

Word of Feuerstack's talent has spread across the Atlantic, and he is presently playing 17 dates across Europe. He then plays Le Ritz in Montreal on March 25, Toronto's Burdock Music Hall on March 26, Guelph's EBar March 27 and Quebec City's Le Sous-Sol du Cercle on March 29.