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Release date: 
June 11, 2014
Total songs: 
Play Man Out of Time

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The Great Wave

St. John's-based singer/songwriter Ian Foster has earned multiple MusicNL and ECMA nominations for earlier albums, and has earned fans on European tours. The likes of David Gray and Bruce Cockburn have been cited as reference points for his work. He has an appealingly robust and melodic voice and his well-crafted songs are neatly fleshed out on impressive new outing (his fifth album) The Great Wave by a talented cast including members of The Dardenelles, The Wonderful Grand Band, and Repartee. Robert Kelly (Passenger, The Once, Sherman Downey) engineered the album, one recorded over five weeks in an open concept house/art gallery in Pouch Cove, NL.

Foster played a Toronto gig earlier this week, and has more Ontario and NL gigs upcoming. Go here for details.