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February 17, 2015
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The Grind - Single

This scribe has long contended that pop-rock tunesmith David Celia is one of our most under-rated artists. He regularly tours the U.K. and Europe, but deserves much more exposure here. Hopefully that will come via an upcoming album release, and it is preceded by two killer new songs now available on Bandcamp. The renowned Andy Magoffin (House of Miracles) helped mix the tracks (and album). Celia has a warm and melodic voice, plays fluent guitar, and writes well-crafted songs. What more do you want? "The Grind" is a dynamic mid-tempo cut, while "Speak To Me" is a lovely rootsy ballad. Both tunes feature Catherine MacLellan on harmony vocals, Burke Carroll on steel guitar, and Cleave Anderson (Blue Rodeo) on drums.

Celia plays a regular Friday matinee (6-8) at Toronto's Cameron House, aside from a month-long European/UK tour that begins March 28. A CD release show will be at the Great Hall in T.O. on June 4.