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Release date: 
January 27, 2015
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Play The Way We Run

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The Gutters & The Glass - Single

We loved their 2013 debut album Just Rivers, and highly-touted Toronto septet Beams return to the fray with a new two-track 7-inch vinyl single The Gutters & The Glass, one comprising the tunes "The Way We Run" and "Black Shadow". Sure to attract some press attention is the fact the band recorded it with Chicago-based post-rock luminary John McEntire (Tortoise, The Sea & Cake). The results are not as avant-garde as his presence may suggest, with the bluegrass/folk-based sound of the band and their signature lush vocal harmonies remaining largely intact. A band press release terms the two new tunes "gorgeous documents of two whirlwind days in Chicago." More please.

Beams are supporting the new record with a just-commenced five-date Ontario tour. Remaining dates are Jan. 30 in Oshawa (The Moustache Club), Jan. 31 in Peterborough (Pig's Ear), Feb. 1 in Waterloo (Princess Cafe), and Feb. 14 in Barrie (Clarkson Pub).