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Release date: 
November 11, 2014
Total songs: 
Play The Hunger & The Fight (feat. Tara Slone)
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The Hunger & The Fight

25 years into their career, hard-working and prolific Celtic punks The Mahones have come up with their most ambitious project yet, 14 albums in. The Hunger & The Fight is a crowd-funded concept double album, one they claim "narrates the struggle and perseverance of the Irish people, and the evolution of Irish music from folk to punk". Notable guests here include Simon Townshend (The Who), Joydrop's Tara Slone and Sum 41's Dave Baksh, who co-produces with Mahones mainman Finny O'Connell. The band's previous studio record, The Black Irish, was named Best Punk Album at the Independent Music Awards in the U.S., and we predict similar kudos for this one.

The band are currently on an extensive European tour, with North American gigs to follow.