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November 24, 2015
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Play The Kids Are All Wrong

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The Kids Are All Wrong/In The Blink Of An Eye - Single

Melodic and literate indie rockers The Lowest Of The Low are rightfully viewed as one of the very best Canadian bands of the '90s. They have sporadically reunited, recorded and toured since first breaking up, with third studio album, 2004's Sordid Fiction, being the most tangible result. Chief songwriter Ron Hawkins has kept busy with a prolific career, releasing high-quality albums under his own name and with The Rusty Nails and The Do Good Assassins. He has now reassembled LOTL, but with the notable omission of co-founder Stephen Stanley. Hawkins and comrades are happily captured in their raging glory on a new double-sided single, "The Kids Are All Wrong" and "In The Blink Of An Eye". Great news for Low fans is that it is available for free via Soundcloud. Hawkins is currently recording a new solo album for release on Pheromone on April 1, and we sure hope he can find time for a full new LOTL record. Of note: The band are members of The Canadian Indie Rock Hall of Fame and recipients of CFNY's Lifetime Achievement Award. Their seminal 1991 debut Shakespeare, My Butt has been (deservedly) honoured in the Top 10 Canadian Albums of All Time.

Always a highly entertaining outfit live, LOTL played a sold-out show in Buffalo earlier this week (they're huge there). They have a five-city Ontario tour next month: Dec. 4 at Toronto's Horseshoe Tavern, Dec. 5 at Hamilton's This Ain't Hollywood, Dec. 10 at Waterloo's Starlight Social Club, Dec. 11 at Peterborough's Red Dog, and Dec. 12 at Barrie's Roxy Sideroom.