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Release date: 
April 17, 2014
Total songs: 
Dance/Electronic, Hip Hop/Rap
Play The Language (Rook Milo Remix)

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The Language (Rook Milo Remix)

Vancouver-based DJ Rook Milo is drawing some considerable attention for the remix he just dropped of Drake’s “The Language”. While the original was certainly minimalist in approach, with Drizzy firing off lines about fabricated rumours, RM plays up the dark vibe undercurrent, and beefs up the low-end push. It’s a spacious well-crafted slow-burner– and just passed 125k views on Soundcloud. Rook Milo recently got a nod from Juno-winning producer Ryan Hemsworth, and should be on your radar as well as an up-and-comer.

Grab a free dl of “The Language” for the price of a like on his Facebook