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Release date: 
October 8, 2013
Total songs: 
Play Gemini Heart

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The Lily

Fans of Janis Joplin, Bonnie Raitt and Carole Pope, Ten Years After, The Bluesbreakers and Stevie Ray Vaughan, are going to love The Lily, Layla Zoe's new album. The title and jacket-art suggest a sensitive singer-songwriter; instead, what one gets is an album that wails the blues. Zoe and mentor, producer, lead-guitarist Henrik Freischlader have fashioned a collection of songs that weep like a willow, growl like a junkyard dog or howl like a lone timber wolf under a full moon. The best of the best on this 11-track bluesbuster run five-plus minutes, including  the title track, "Father", "Gemini Heart" and a killer cover of Neil Young's "Hey, Hey, My My (Into the Black)". Layla Zoe appears in the Women's Blues Revue at Massey Hall on Nov. 30.

David Farrell