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October 7, 2014
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The Love - Single

There’s no doubt that newcomer Kiesza’s single “Hideaway” was a runaway hit. The official music video has topped 127 mil+ views on YouTube, it’s now certified platinum in Canada, and has cracked top 40 in at least 25 countries. But can she avoid becoming a one hit wonder?

We’ll see soon - her debut full-length Sound of a Woman is set to drop later this month and the lead single “The Love” is now available on iTunes. The new track is certainly in the same vein as her big hit, with highly expressive vocals and a commanding ‘90s house beat. It definitely establishes her as a brand and acts as a more forceful single than the R&B-driven b-side "Bad Thing" feat. Joey BadA$$. If she can accompany “The Love” with a click-worthy music video, expect the momentum to keep going.

Sound of a Woman is available worldwide October 21.