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Release date: 
June 30, 2015
Total songs: 
Play A New Day for Love

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The Monsanto Years (w/ Promise of the Real)

The ever-prolific Neil Young may not have been consistently at his best on some of his recent work, but he's back in full ragged glory on his new album The Monsanto Years. He generously gives co-billing here to the L.A. rock band Promise of the Real, fronted by two sons of long-time Neil comrade Willie Nelson. They seem to have energized Young, and the fiery guitar work here oft evokes the sound of Crazy Horse. Neil is in a righteously angry mood on some tracks, defending the farmer and railing against corporate greed in "Monsanto Years", "Workin' Man" and "A Rock Star Bucks A Coffee Shop" (we're guessing you won't be hearing "Heart of Gold" in a Starbucks any time soon). Such tunes as "Wolf Moon" and the optimistic "A New Day For Love" are much gentler in tone. On the cusp of 70, Neil still rules. Long may he run.

Neil and Promise of the Real begin their Rebel Content tour at Milwaukee Summer Fest on July 5. the only Canadian date announced so far is on July 24 at the Wayhome Festival in Oro-Medonte, ON.