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March 17, 2015
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The Park Avenue Sobriety Test

The King (of East Coast indie rock) is back! Of late, Joel Plaskett has spent a lot of time producing other artists in his New Scotland Yard studio (great albums by Mo Kenney, Colleen Brown and more), but his large and loyal fanbase will be thrilled that he's focused back on his own career with new album Joel Plaskett & The Park Avenue Sobriety Test. This is a free-wheeling, sprawling and stylistically eclectic work that embraces all facets of Plaskett's musical approach. Songs range from the Celtic-flavoured "On A Dime" through to the scathing social commentary of "Captains Of Industry". A sweetly sparse take on Stephen Foster classic "Hard Times" and "Broke" also address the economic realities of the day. On the cusp of 40, Plaskett is feeling philosophical, but he hasn't forgotten how to deliver catchy tunes. A star-studded cast of comrades (Peter Elkas, Ian McGettigan, Dave Marsh, J.P. Cormier, Mo Kenney, Erin Costelo, Dale Murray) help flesh out the sound very effectively.

Plaskett played JUNO Week in Hamilton last week. A cross-Canada tour is set to run from late April to early June. Check here for details.