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Release date: 
April 8, 2014
Total songs: 
Country, Folk
Play Don't Know Where I'm Going

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The Prince that Nobody Knows

The bagpipes are a much-maligned instrument, as Grier Coppins can attest. The Toronto piper/songsmith was once arrested for playing them on the street, charged with "projecting noise into the street". Undaunted, he has played them with distinction since the mid '70s, and in such folk faves as Rare Air and Taxi Chain. His new solo album, The Prince That Nobody Knows, showcases his robust and convincing vocal style, his talent as a songwriter, and an eclectic stylistic approach. He launches the disc at Toronto's Rivoli on April 11, alongside notable guests Taxi Chain, Ronley Teper and Jaron Freeman Fox. Coppins has been termed Toronto's other Mayor of the Pipe(s)!