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Release date: 
September 29, 2015
Total songs: 
Play Slow Sad Blues

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The Prospector's Curse

Led by ace singer/songwriter John Borra, Toronto roots favourites Rattlesnake Choir have quite the impressive pedigree. Current members have been or are still in such noted bands as Great Lake Swimmers (Miranda Mulholland), Change of Heart (Borra), The Viletones (Sam Ferrara), Blue Rodeo (Michael Boguski), and many more. The Prospector's Curse is Rattlesnake Choir's third LP, following 2008's Live Music and 2011's Walkin' the Wire. It has an interesting genesis, as the project was originally to be the soundtrack to a Western/horror movie directed by Josh Hiese. Resonant instrumentals (some with a Calexico vibe) were then joined by new lyric-driven material, making for an intriguing and entertaining combination. This scribe caught Rattlesnake Choir's well-attended album release party at The Dakota Tavern in T.O. last week and can confirm that the new material sounded great live. The stellar musicianship of the players came to the fore on the instrumental cuts.

Borra and Ferrara play every Sunday at The Communist's Daughter in Toronto, a weekly residency now in its 11th year! Lets hope for full RC band gigs soon.