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Release date: 
March 5, 2014
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The Riverbed - Single

Even between albums, virtuoso violinist Owen Pallett keeps busy. Case in point, he spent the last year penning a violin concerto, an orchestral score for the ballet Unearth, and just last week narrowly missed winning an Oscar for his contribution to the Her Original Score (the Academy opted for Steven Price’s score to Gravity). After announcing a new solo record back in Nov 2012, In Conflict finally has a release date – May 13. The first sweeping new single, “The Riverbed” is now streaming and available for purchase. It’s grand in scope, but admittedly more personal lyrically, and features a contribution from the legendary Brian Eno. B-side “On a Path” has also been unveiled with a lyric video, but would work equally well as a single. Phenomenal all around - it’s hard not to be wowed by Pallett’s immense talents and singular vision.

Canadian dates include Montreal May 9 at La Sala Rossa and May 10 at Danforth Music Hall.