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June 19, 2013
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The Sharkweek - EP

JPNSGRLS is actually four Caucasian males, their latest EP, Sharkweek is not affiliated with the similarly named Discovery Channel’s series, and the odd figurine on the cover has nothing to do with anything. So the guys are messing with us, but here's the details on what we do know: Signed to Vancouver-based Light Organ Records, Sharkweek was recorded in DIY spaces and consistst of five tracks sizzling with frantic energy. At times it has the feel of a mash-up between the rhythmic Bloc Party, the unpredictable stylings of Faith No More, and something extraordinary one might expect to hear from freakpop labelmates Fake Shark - Real Zombie. JPNSGRLS open for the latter on June 21 at The Cellar in Vancouver, along with Set to Sun. Details on the event here.