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Release date: 
October 20, 2015
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Play Black Roses

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The Stereo Dynamite Sessions, Vol. 1

Simone Denny really does have a gorgeous voice. It's a rich and virile instrument with the kind of power the best soul divas have always delivered. It was previously employed to platinum-selling and Juno-winning effect in the dance/soul music of '90s hitmakers Love Inc, and she's now ready to fully emerge as a solo artist. She has scored some solo dance hits, but it has been a long wait for her new album The Stereo Dynamite Sessions Vol. 1. We actually reviewed the single "Your Love Fades Away" back in Jan. 2014, and the killer cut is reprised here. Other cuts like "Black Roses" and "Breathe Again" are equally strong. Vinyl lovers will be pleased to hear a limited-edition vinyl version will be available in December.
No word on live dates as yet.