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Release date: 
March 24, 2015
Total songs: 
Play Got You Well

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The Tempest of Old

It is quite astonishing how many superb female roots-oriented singer/songwriters have come out of the East Coast in recent years. Joining the acclaimed likes of Rose Cousins, Jenn Grant, Catherine MacLellan, Amelia Curran and countless more is Gabrielle Papillon. She has a pure and haunting voice and writes poetically. Her new album The Tempest of Old was recorded in Halifax, with many notable East Coast musicians contributing, while Daniel Ledwell (Jenn Grant, The Weakerthans) produced with clarity. A rich range of instruments (from pedal steel to cello, violin, trombone and French Horn) add depth to Papillon's compositions. Two earlier albums, 2011's The Currency of Poetry and 2012's Little Bug, showcased the potential richly realized here. Papillon translates as "butterfly", and there is a similar fragile beauty in her music.

She begins an extensive Eastern Canada tour in New Glasgow, NS, on April 4th, ending at CMW in Toronto on May 7. She also plays The Great Escape fest in Brighton, England, May 14-16. Check her site for details.