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Release date: 
April 22, 2014
Total songs: 
Play In the Morning (feat. Serena Ryder)
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The Trews

After a decade of chugging along as a reputable live act and with a couple of hard rock #1s, The Trews opted to go indie for their new self-titled album. The East Coast-bred Toronto-based rockers turned to fans for a PledgeMusic campaign, offering incentives like Skype guitar lessons, band memorabilia, and the opportunity to sing backup vocals on a new track (which made the cut on the record). It’s also their first time working with hitmaker Gavin Brown (Metric, The Tragically Hip, Billy Talent), who adeptly produced their countrified Zeppelin-esque brand of rock, without diluting it. There are a handful of tunes that could easily chart on rock radio, including the collab with Serena Ryder, “In the Morning”, or the ballad “65 Roses”, written about their late booking agent, Paul Gourlie. Penning an eponymous album further in your career can be a warning sign for some acts, but The Trews have offered up a rock solid effort.

This hardworking band tours often – upcoming Canadian dates include April 26 in Toronto @The Danforth Music Hall, May 23 in Halifax @The Marquee Ballroom, May 30 in Barrie ON @The Ranch Concert Hall, and more throughout June + July. Check their website for details.