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Release date: 
September 16, 2014
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, Jazz
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The Wayfinders

The Parker Abbott Trio is a jazz combo with the interesting instrumental lineup of piano, keyboards and drums. From origins in acoustic music, Teri Parker and Simeon Abbott have developed an eclectic style that also draws from classical, pop/rock and avant-garde elements and that mixes acoustic and electronic keyboard sounds in fascinating ways. In 2011, as a duo, they released a full-length recording, Gallery, while The Wayfinders is the Trio's debut. They co-produced this impressive disc at top T.O. studio Canterbury Sound, and it manages to be both musically adventurous and accessible. A group worth finding your way to.
After an Oct. 23 Montreal gig at Cafe Resonance, the trio have five Ontario dates, including an Oct. 26 show at Toronto jazz hub The Rex.