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Release date: 
May 14, 2014
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Play The Weight

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The Weight - Single

West coast indie rockers and fan favourites Yukon Blonde are on a brief hiatus, so frontman Jeffrey Innes is diverting his attention to a new solo project, High Ends. A new single, “The Weight”, was quietly released this week, but that didn’t stop big hype blogs from catching wind of this new indie gem. The psychedelic rock guitars and power pop leanings are swapped for shimmering synths, but the hooks are equally as anthemic as with his main gig. Going electro doesn’t always work out for rockers (such as Chris Cornell’s ill-advised and cringe-worthy collab with Timbaland), but it’s a comfortable fit for Innes. This gives hope that the upcoming full-length, date TBD, will be equally as strong.

See how the new project works live; High Ends is on an Alberta tour in June supporting Library Voices. Details over on Facebook