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Release date: 
December 2, 2014
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Play Shake the Hand

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This Is From Here

Harrison Kennedy is a bona fide Canadian musical treasure. He is now an internationally-acclaimed blues singer/songwriter, but his long and fascinating career first took off when he was lead singer in '70s soul hitmakers Chairman Of The Board. His solo blues records have earned Kennedy four Juno and 15 Maple Blues award nominations. He is in top form on This Is From Here, an album built around his songs and those of co-producer/keyboardist Jesse O'Brien (Tom Wilson, Colin James and O'Brien co-wrote "Shake The Hand" here). Kennedy's warm and richly resonant voice is superbly framed by such ace players as Chris Caddell, Brian Griffith (who sadly passed away recently), Terry Wilkins, Colin Linden and the Blackie and the Rodeo Kings rhythm section of Gary Craig and John Dymond. We anticipate much blues awards attention for this one.