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Release date: 
March 4, 2014
Total songs: 
Play Made Up My Mind
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Thrash Rock Legacy

Let’s get one thing clear right away – Mounties isn’t exactly a supergroup. Supergroups tend to come with large personalities, bigger egos, and are doomed from the start, through self-implosion. Anyone remember Zwan?

At the 2009 Junos, singer/songwriter Hawksley Workman, Steve Bays (Hot Hot Heat) and Ryan Dahle (Age of Electric, Limblifter) all agreed to jam sometime, and the trio found that the union worked. No label pressure, just an organic relationship built on mutual respect. Now, on their first album Thrash Rock Legacy as Mounties, they’re pushing each other creatively. These rock concoctions really do sound like the best parts that each member has to offer. They take turns passing the mic, but often end up attacking it together in unison. TRL will take some time to absorb, but with enough idiosyncratic gestures throughout and multiple perspectives guiding the record, even re-listens will feel fresh.

Sometimes not being a supergroup is a good thing.