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Release date: 
February 19, 2014
Total songs: 
Play Running Guns

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Time Bomb

Surprisingly, it wasn’t Alyssa Reid’s position as a finalist in YTV’s singing competition The Next Star back in 2008 that got her noticed by Wax Records co-founder Jamie Appleby – it was a Justin Bieber cover tune, which she posted to YouTube. Now, the 20-year old pop star is releasing hyper-sexed music videos and is currently on an arena tour with Danny Fernandes and Hedley.

It’s clear then that Reid’s latest record, Time Bomb, is very much a product of the times. This collection of confectionary sugar pop tunes flirts with genres enough to get play on multiple formats, and each track could be a top-40 single. There’s a four-on-the-floor undercurrent on all the dance numbers, and a ballad or two designed for high school proms (“Last Chance”). Enjoy Time Bomb for what it is – a snapshot of the 2014 pop world.