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March 4, 2014
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Play Back to You
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The joys of sweet sibling harmony singing are showcased to great effect on Timeless, the new album from The Ault Sisters. Amanda, Alicia and Alanna Ault have become live favourites on the Toronto scene with their charming live shows, ever since 2006's debut Christmas Feelings. They've always been musically eclectic, and they turn their talents to jazz and pop here, via covers of tunes by Joni, Van Morrison, Stevie Wonder and The Gershwins. Stellar contributions by such A-list players as Robi Botos, George Koller and John Johnson, arranger Debbie Fleming and producer Greg Kavanagh (who co-wrote two tunes here with Chris Smith) add up to a package that is indeed of timeless appeal. The CD will be launched at Toronto's Jazz Bistro on March 11.