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Release date: 
August 10, 2012
Total songs: 
Play Everything's Okay

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To Lie With

Peggy Hogan’s debut record breathes fresh life into soul. Perhaps taking a page from Sade, the Montreal-based performer (and vocal teacher) delivers a fresh take on R&B with a rock-solid rhythm section finessed to perfection by producer Tyler Fitzmaurice. Don’t believe it? Grab the single “Everything’s Okay” for free on her Viinyl page. The only catch is that you have to post it to Twitter or Facebook to tell people that you liked it. And for the record, Hogan is not only a persuasive singer, she's a smart one too, recently graduating with a BFA in Jazz Studies and English Literature.

For a limited time, special editions of To Lie With are available on Hogan’s Bandcamp. The package Includes a handmade CD sleeve with original artwork by Angela Cleary (limited to 150 copies).