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Release date: 
May 28, 2014
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Play To the Street

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To The Street

Turbo Street Funk honed their chops busking on T.O. streets, and they now take things to the next level, with debut disc, To The Street. The sound of these funky jazzbos is driven by a four-piece horn section, accompanied by drums, electric guitar and plenty of backing vocals. Comparisons to The Shuffle Demons are inevitable, aided by the fact Demons bassist George Koller is on board as producer (he does a fine job). Lead vocals are split between Daniel Walsh and Casey van Gorkom, and, along with Camilo Giraldo and Joel Eric Szabo, they also come up with the strong original tunes here. Those nestle alongside covers of "Ghostbusters", "Come Together", and Yardbirds classic "For Your Love". Full marks for choosing the latter for a TSF makeover. One very cool touch: Yardbirds member Jim McCarty added backing vocals to it! The album was launched at The Horseshoe recently, with the Demons as guests. For info on other Ontario gigs, go here