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Release date: 
March 10, 2015
Total songs: 
Play Six String All To My Heart

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Top 40 Radio Memory Dream (Oh Yeah​!​)

Rockers Purple Hill made a splash with their debut album, Beechnut St., in 2009, followed by 2011's Bring On The Macho. They now up the ante with a strong new album, Top 40 Radio Memory Dream (Oh Yeah!). The title may be wishful thinking, but there is certainly radio-friendly material here. The album was recorded live off the floor at 6 Nassau Studios with noted indie rock producer Jeff McMurrich (Constantines, Danko Jones). Purple Hill are led by guitarist/singer Owen Marchildon, who has had a prolific past decade on the Toronto scene as a member of such bands as math-rockers From Fiction and Rough Skeletons. In Purple Hill, he serves up an eclectic sound that encompasses both a key inspiration Velvet Underground (one ace cut here is called "I've Been Listening To Nico") and roots rock that, on "Six String All To My Heart", suggests early Blue Rodeo.