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August 11, 2015
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Trust - Single

Fan favourite indie rockers and the winners of the fourth round of the NCM Vista Prize, Half Moon Run, toured relentlessly behind their debut effort Dark Eyes. Their hard work paid off – their profile developed internationally and the album hit gold status in Canada. After some well-earned rest and a songwriting retreat in California, the band (now expanded to a quartet) is announcing a sophomore album, Sun Leads Me On, for release on October 23. It was recorded in Ontario at Bathouse Studios with producer Jim Abbiss (Arctic Monkeys, Adele) and finds the band somewhat ditching their established alt-folk sound for an expanded electronic indie pop approach. We get a taste with early track “Trust”.

“Trust is somewhat of a strange song”, proclaimed multi-instrumentalist Dylan Phillips in a press release. “It's a departure from what you might normally expect from us. It's the last song we wrote and recorded, and it was put together with a lot of fragmented ideas and somewhat of a chaotic energy. It feels a little bit like starting from the end, but leaves plenty of room to work back towards the beginning.”

Chaotic – possibly. But effective. Thankfully, the band’s gorgeous harmonies are still present here, and complemented with pulsating synths and danceable rhythms. Expect the infectious track to justifiably make waves on rock radio.