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Release date: 
May 28, 2014
Total songs: 
Play Don't Run Away (feat. Serena Ryder)

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Turn Me Up

When you think of acapella groups, Eh440 probably isn’t what you had in mind. But this motley crew of cross-generational singers are wowing fans with their immense talents and acapella craft. They also impressed the entrepreneurs on CBC’s Dragon’s Den, and scored an offer from Arlene Dickinson and David Chilton – the funds of which went to touring internationally, and to the recording of their debut, Turn Me Up. The distinct presences of the stellar Stacey Kay, Mike Celia, Janet Turner and Joe Oliva (formerly of The Essentials), and “The Human Record” beatboxer Luke Stapleton, all blend seamlessly for a genre-busting, harmony-driven pop/R&B-inflected record. Almost hard to believe all the sounds on the disc come solely from vocalizations. Be sure to check out the forceful “Don’t Run Away”, featuring the omnipresent Serena Ryder, to hear what they’re capable of.

Plenty of dates are scheduled across Ontario through the summer, with one stop in Halifax on August 21. Details here