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May 6, 2014
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Play Rollin'
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In 2011, Victoria BC roots rockers Current Swell turned heads and nabbed the sizable Peak Performance top prize, following in the footsteps of alumni Said the Whale, The Matinee, Jordan Klassen, and We Are the City. They’ve put the prize earnings to good work with their new full-length record, Ulysses. It’s a confident-sounding, rich folk experience, captured with precision by producer Nathan Sabatino (Neko Case, Dr. Dog).  Recorded at Vancouver’s Greenhouse Studios, the Neve console warmth can be felt on every guitar strum and vocal coo. While most acts would obsess over minutiae in the mix, the band knocked out the entire record in just 20 days, adding no superfluous instrumentation that couldn’t be recreated live.

See how the material translates in concert – the band is about to embark on an extensive tour, which kicks off in Vancouver on May 10 at the Commodore Ballroom, and continues through the end of August. More details here