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Release date: 
November 10, 2015
Total songs: 
Play Reelin in the Years
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Undercover Bros.

Winnipeg's fave roots-rockers The Bros. Landreth saw their hard work and talent pay off earlier this year with a well-deserved JUNO Award (in the category of  Roots & Traditional Album of the Year – Group, for their debut album Let it Lie). Fans impatient to hear a new full-length can now take comfort in a new covers EP, Undercover Bros. The song choices show their eclectic (and fine) taste, as they cover classic cuts by Wings, Steely Dan, Lyle Lovett, Ry Cooder and John Hiatt. The group's signature vocal harmonies and strong guitar work are evident here. They beef up the unforgettable guitar riffs on SD classic "Reelin' In the Years" and also add a Little Feat-vibe to an extended vamp on Hiatt's "Alone In The Dark". Fun stuff. In an interesting release strategy, the band put out a song per week exclusively through Spotify. Of note: The band recently changed drummers, with Cody Iwasiuk replacing Ryan Voth.

These road warriors are already a month into another long North American tour. They play 11 dates in Ontario and Quebec in December. Check their site for details.