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December 8, 2015
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Upsala Trees - Single

Roots-oriented singer/songwriter Justin Sawicki has been active in the Hamilton music scene since 2003. He has shared gigs with the likes of Hammer heroes Tomi Swick, Tom Wilson, Terra Lightfoot, and Max Kerman (Arkells), and has recorded at Daniel Lanois' famed Grant Avenue Studio.  His full-length 2011 debut Nothing For No One was nominated for Independent Album of the Year at the Hamilton Music Awards, and new follow-up Upsala Trees is an impressive effort. Some of his songs (including the sweetly melodic title track) are inspired by the beauty of the Great White North, and his gently eloquent approach does them real justice. Blue Rodeo is an apt reference point for some of his material. Of note: Sawicki has another thing to celebrate these days, the recent birth of son Charlie.
Sawicki launches the album with a hometown show at Artword Artbar on Dec. 11.