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June 9, 2015
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Usha - Single (as Daphni)

Under the moniker Caribou, Dan Snaith delivered one of 2014’s finest albums - independent of genre - with Our Love (don’t be surprised if it makes the cut for the Polaris Music Prize longlist, which will be announced next week). He remains remarkably prolific, even going as far as to post a customized 1000-song playlist just earlier this year. This week, he’s released a new single under his Daphni project, a title he usually reserves for his more club-ready dance output. “Usha” is, as he explained in a statement, “just two great tracks cut together - Usha Uthup's 'Main Gul Badan' and Alex Israel's 'Colugo'”, and he went on to say that he wouldn’t claim “authorial input” for the mash-up. We say that he’s being modest and that it’s officially a dance floor banger (although the algorithm at the Parks and Recreation inspired isitabangr.com claims that Caribou’s “Can’t Do Without You" is not a banger, so it appears our reputation may be suspect).

Download “Usha” for free from Caribou’s Soundcloud