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Release date: 
November 17, 2015
Total songs: 
Play Landslide Cities

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Valley of the Kilowatt Hour

Elvyn aren't the most prolific band around. New record Valley of the Kilowatt Hour is just their third full-length in 13 years (there was in EP in there too), but thankfully their material is of consistently high quality. There's a classic sensibility at work here, with the ringing guitars and vocal harmonies of cuts like "Ellie", "Here We Surrender" and the very catchy "Landslide Cities" possessing a '70s vibe (Badfinger and The Byrds perhaps?). Frontman Ryan Beerman did the producing, engineering and mixing at the group's home studio, and the sonic values here are a cut above the average DIY effort. Lovers of bands like Yukon Blonde and Zeus should certainly investigate.

Elvyn share a bill with Run with The Kittens at The Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto on Dec. 11. Let's hope for touring after that.