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April 21, 2015
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Verde - EP

Last month we previewed the breakout single "Bassically" from R&B songwriter Tei Shi. As if that wasn’t enough to cement her status as a big up-and-comer, she’s followed it up with new EP Verde. This five-track set of electro-tinged R&B tunes all share a dreamy aesthetic, but with interesting variations throughout, finding its strength in unpredictable moments (especially the airy vocal gymnastics displayed on “See Me”). The artist, born Valerie Teicher, is something of a nomad, having called Argentina, Bogota, Boston, NYC Vancouver, and Montreal her home, and this could explain her fluid style on the disc. Soulful and inventive stuff. 

Tei Shi live dates include Montreal May 2 at Theatre Fairmount, Toronto June 12 for Bestival Toronto Island 2015, and Squamish BC for the Squamish Valley Music Festival. Details on her website