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September 9, 2014
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Vessel / Wants - Single

Call him Good Guy Mangan. While Dan Mangan’s the voice and primary songwriter behind his own impressive career, he now wants to highlight the role of his backing band and will henceforth record under the moniker “Dan Mangan + Blacksmith”. After a two-year hiatus, the two-time Juno-Award winner and his group have unveiled a new track, “Vessel”, the lead single from an upcoming fourth studio album and a featured track on the Simon Pegg-indie film Hector and The Search For Happiness. His claim to Exclaim that the new material has taken on a Peter Gabriel-like vibe seems accurate; a percussive-driven base, spritely guitar licks, and a wild horn outro suggests a new, exciting direction, which we hope to see more of on the new LP. The opaque white 7” will include B-side “Wants”, and is limited to 500 copies only.

Hector and The Search For Happiness premiered at TIFF this past week and is in theatres on September 19. No date is announced yet for Dan Mangan + Blacksmith’s fourth LP. Follow on Twitter for updates.