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March 7, 2014
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Play Me and Liza
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Vibrate: The Best Of

March is a great month for Rufus Wainwright fans. The flamboyant troubadour has two new albums out, albeit ones largely featuring older material. His charm as a performer is showcased on Live From The Artists Den, while Vibrate is a well-curated 'Best Of' collection. That's not premature, given Rufus' now extensive discography, though it really doesn't seem that long ago that he debuted as a fresh-faced young talent, in 1998. Since then, he has shone in pop, cabaret, opera and folk settings, a vocalist of rare versatility. Vibrate features a new cut, "Me And Liza", and it's scoring CBC play. The deluxe edition includes a bonus disc of 16 rare live and studio tracks. Good vibrations indeed. Wainwright is now touring Europe, then the U.S.. Next Canadian dates are at Montreal's Theatre du Nouveau Monde, June 27-29.