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January 20, 2015
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Victoria - Single

The owner of a truly powerful and pure voice, Tamara Williamson is also an eloquent songwriter. Both strengths are showcased on her haunting new single, "Victoria". It's based on the true and horrific life story of a young Argentinian woman. Williamson explains that  "I've never felt the need to speak up about women’s rights before ...But a story burst my bubble and I took a look around". Very fittingly, all the money from the digital sale of this recording will go to Amnesty International. She will soon release her eighth solo album, Sister Mother Daughter Wife. Williamson made a mark in the '90s, fronting alt-rockers Mrs Torrance, and she has collaborated with the likes of King Cobb Steelie, Rheostatics, Broken Social Scene, and, recently, Absolutely Free. A formidable and under-valued talent.