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Release date: 
May 5, 2015
Total songs: 
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Volume Vs. Voice

Chris Page has been dubbed "Ottawa's original punk rock troubadour", and he has certainly paid his dues fronting the noted bands Stand GT and Camp Radio. He has been compared to the likes of Paul Westerberg, Ted Leo and Billy Bragg (we vote for the first-named), so if gruff-voiced and heartfelt gritty songs are up your alley, check out Volume Vs. Voice, his strong new solo record. Aside from pedal steel and backing vocals on a few tracks, Page created all the sounds here, while top engineer Dave Draves (Jim Bryson, Kathleen Edwards) captures everything neatly. There's a vinyl version out too, available at campradio.org

Page recently had gigs in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Moncton, and Halifax  prior to his Ottawa hometown CD release at Raw Sugar on May 9.