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Release date: 
December 1, 2015
Total songs: 
Play Every Time It Rains

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Waiting for June

Folk/roots singer/songwriter Harlan Wells has paid serious dues. He hit the road as a working musician at 18, and was a regular on the Toronto club circuit. He was managed by Barry Harvey (Gordon Lightfoot's handler) for a while, and debut album Songs from the North Country was well-received. His third album, Waiting For June follows up the sparser 2012 release, Home Recordings which was recorded in his living room. This time out, he teams up with producer/engineer Peter Hamilton (Blue Rodeo, Leonard Cohen, Steve Earle) for a live off the floor recording at noted Toronto studio Canterbury Sound. The result is a varied and mellow offering anchored in Wells' strong songwriting.

There are no live dates scheduled as yet. Let's hope that changes soon.