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Release date: 
April 24, 2013
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, Folk

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This is the fourth album from singer/songwriter Monique Barry, and a worthy follow-up to 2009's Carbon. The classically-trained Barry has a pure and ethereal voice (Enya is a reference point) that frames emotionally eloquent compositions that dig deep lyrically and feature adventurous arrangements. She co-produced the album with Andis Raibacis at Barenaked Lady Jim Creeggan's Lobb Street Studio, while Patrick Ballantyne contributes four co-writes. Dedicated to a departed love one, "So Long" is a suitably haunting six minute elegy, while "My Best Guess" is a sweet duet with Ballantyne. Perceptive social commentary is provided on "Wash Over Me". Barry has a May 9 show at Toronto's Painted Lady. Available on iTunes, but also from CDBaby and Amazon.