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October 28, 2014
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Wastin' Gas - Single

Charismatic country singer Dallas Smith has quickly climbed to the top of the Cancountry ladder. He won the 2013 CMW Radio Award for Best New Country artist and this year's single "Tippin' Point" recently became the highest selling digital single (certified platinum) by a Canadian country artist (the video has notched over 400k views). No tipping point reached for his success yet, judging by strong and airplay-friendly new single "Wastin' Gas", a typically boisterous and rockin' cut. The rock element is unsurprising, as Smith formerly fronted the grunge-y Default. It is the first single from Smith's imminent second album Lifted (due on Nov. 25).

Smith opens for Florida Georgia Line on a cruise out of Miami, Nov. 8-12. An extensive cross-Canada tour (his first as a headliner) is set for Jan and Feb 2015. Check his site for details.