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Release date: 
August 25, 2015
Total songs: 
Alternative, R&B/Soul
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Waves - Single

Toronto-based producer/songwriter Tommy Paxton-Beesley had quite the surprise earlier this year, when Drake’s surprise mixtape If You're Reading This, It's Too Late was released and it featured one of his samples. Don’t worry – the sample was cleared properly, and it’s only boosted his profile for the project he masterminds, River Tiber. He revealed back then that two records under this moniker would be coming, and now we have the details on the first – a new EP, When the Time is Right, due Sept. 16.  One of the tracks that will be included is new cinematic single “Waves”. This moody, emotionally-charged alt R&B jam serves as a showcase for Paxton-Beesley’s finest asset – his voice – sometimes masked with ghostly effects and at other points, capable of Justin Timberlake-styled pop crooning or Jeff Buckley’s soaring falsetto. Wonderfully evocative, tightly produced, by himself and rising talent Kwikfiks, it has us looking forward to the new set next month and eagerly awaiting that rumoured full-length later this year.