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Release date: 
October 9, 2012
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We Can Get Over

This is soul-inflected pop, propelled by Erin Costelo's strong and expressive voice. There's a distinct '60s feel to the sound here, reflecting the fact the album was recorded to tape and mixed in mono. Costelo is a noted arranger, having scored performances with Symphony Nova Scotia and the Blue Engine String Quartet, and that skill is highly audible here. Horns, strings, and female backing singers add up to a wide-screen sound Burt Bacharach would have enjoyed. A choir boosts the stirring title track, while the horn-driven "Everybody Wants To Be (In Love)" is another stand-out.This is an impressive follow-up to her acclaimed 2009 album Fire and Fuss. Costelo will soon begin an extensive East Coast tour. For dates, go here.