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June 10, 2014
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We Go Home - Single

On his official Facebook account, singer-songwriter Adam Cohen hilariously describes himself as son of the great Canadian icon, Wayne Gretzky. Well, he’s actually the son of the legendary Leonard Cohen, but its due time we move past his lineage (like we have for Rufus Wainwright) and acknowledge his impressive solo accomplishments, including his striking 2011 album Like a Man going gold. He has a new album on the way, We Go Home, due September 15, and the rollicking title track is now available. The striking folky number showcases his baritone register, and features additional vocal appearances from regular collaborator Don Miguel (who also provided bass), Jean Massicotte (Patrick Watson), and Serena Ryder (who seems to be everywhere lately).  DL the track for free in one of three ways; by a “like” on Facebook, tweeting about it, or subscribing to his newsletter through his website