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Release date: 
September 16, 2014
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, Alternative
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We Go Home

The fact that his 2011 album Like A Man went gold in Canada showed that Adam Cohen has made a mark as his own artist, not just as son of the legendary Leonard. He's not shying away from his father's legacy, given that he chose to record We Go Home, his fifth album, in the Cohen family's longtime house on the Greek island of Hydra. "These are the walls that saw me grow up the most and that I needed to come back to", Adam explains. Recording there on makeshift equipment with his touring band helps account for the album's warm vibe, while its lyrics show Cohen-esque eloquence. The title cut has those de rigeur handclaps and backing vocals, so seems set for major airplay. You can download it for free in exchange for a tweet via http://www.tweetforatrack.com/adamcohen

Adam Cohen will tour Europe throughout October with a band and string section, including a concert at London's Bush Hall on 15th October. He plays Arden Theatre in St Albert on Nov. 12.