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Release date: 
August 19, 2014
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, Folk
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What More What More

As Octoberman, Marc Morrissette has been quite the prolific songsmith, with this new album, What More What More, being his fifth album in the past eight years. He has delivered in quality, not just quantity, as is demonstrated on this fine effort. His brand of folk-inflected rock features inventive instrumentation and arrangements, built to frame his slightly wispy but gently insinuating vocal style. There's a nice dynamic range here, from the quiet "No Witness" to the more vibrant full-guitar sound of "No Witness" and second single "Dogwalk". Indie rock veteran Andy Magoffin engineered and mixed (and played horns) at the House of Miracles, with his usual finesse.

What More could you want? Maybe some tour dates? Well Octoberman is now on an eight city tour of Eastern Canada that includes a Toronto album release show on Aug. 24th at The Menalon. Check out his website for details.