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August 26, 2012
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Wheatfields - EP

Wheatfields is comprised of six story-rich songs hallmarked by Gant's smoky barroom voice.  He's a colourful Calgarian who has led a colourful life and he peppers his songs with  barrroom archetypes and lessons he's learned from being on road.  There's some Jerry Jeff in here, a bit of Materick and a whole lot of western images latched to a superb sounding ensemble that take turns breaking out and soloing. Grant is breaking out himself and taking the album on the road using Greyhound buses and taxi cabs. This follows last year’s Festival Express, when he travelled and performed on VIA Rail trains. Inventive he is. You can watch the videos for "The Way It Goes" and "Wheatfields" via Vimeo and then judge for yourself whether you can resist hearing more.