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March 16, 2014
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White Noise - Single

Kingston ON has a reputation for churning out sturdy hard rock groups, from The Tragically Hip to The Headstones, or the now-defunct duo The Inbreds. Riff-driven quintet The Glorious Sons are working hard to make it too, winning the 2012 Whiskey Rocks Showdown, the 2013 97.7 HTZ FM RockSearch competition (past winners include Finger Eleven, The Trews, and My Darkest Days), and they recently signed to the Black Box Music label. Get hip to their power-chord stylings with new single “White Noise”, a beer-drenched rocker with major hooks. John Angus MacDonald from The Trews produced, and it shows.

The Glorious Sons are in the midst of their first headlining tour across the country through March and April (and rumour is that they put on a killer live show!).